Man is trashing God’s Creation: Climate change

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As a 50-year old African American man, these rights were refused me the early portion of my lifestyle. So too is climate change.

Just like in the past, combating climate change is moral, spiritual, and scientifically the correct action to take. Can it be appropriate to abandon an inhabitable world to next-generation? That is like you and your older brothers playing soccer in the home and trashing the area. Your little brother comes in and can not think what he is viewing. Your parents come home, and you place the blame in your little brother. Is that morally the correct action to take?

The Pope made the point the world is God’s creation, not man’s and it should be handled as such. The man is scrapping God’s creation. Whether you believe in God or not, it is safe to say; you did not generate the world so why are you trashing it? Is that religiously the correct action to take?

Now political leaders are shaking their duties by saying they refuse climate change, but they’re not the scientist. THAT IS INSANE! That is like heading to a doctor, and he/she prescribes you some medicine but you say I’m-not heading to go but I’m-not a physician. Is that scientifically the right action to take?

Or the dryness out west creating uncontrollable wildfires. Or the heat of the oceans creating polar ice caps to melt down causing oceans to go up. Coastal towns will be flooded and therefore, inhabitable.

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Another argument that I am going to make is that environment change is creating intense heat. As temperatures carry on to climb, people who have chronic diseases must stay indoors more and run the air conditioning regularly. The amounts of these dangerous greenhouse gasses will raise so that you can save lives just to have those lives reduce brief due to the greenhouse impact on the environment. So, it is now time to abandon petroleum, coal, and propane in the earth. The globe should go nearer to cleaner forms of electricity. We should find means to develop on the 2015 Paris Deal on climate change because when it required, the world will find cleaner ways to strength existence. Is that maybe not what the world is doing?

Dr. Martin Luther King mentioned of the civil-rights movements “the fierce urgency of now” and the country reacted. Well, climate change is now’s action with a feeling of urgency.